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September 2016

Student of English Language School Ms. Ayumi Komine
小峯 渉さん

〜The Wonders of Collecting Information Through Broadened Horizons〜

This month’s Weface, Ms. Ayumi Komine, is a YouTuber who posts video lessons online about Japanese history. What’s more, the lessons are all in English! We took this opportunity to ask Ayumi about her thoughts and intentions behind these video lessons.


Interview インタビュー

  • Q. So, why video lessons?

    A. I aim to eventually work as a middle school social studies teacher. But since I have a different job right now, I’m taking this opportunity to relearn Japanese history. Posting my lessons online is a good way for me to actively learn, practice teaching, and document my growth!

  • Q. ではまず、なぜ動画でレッスンをしようと思われたのですか?

    A. いずれは中学校で社会科の講師になりたいんです。でも今は別の仕事をしているので、この機会に日本史を学び直そうと思って。学んだことをレッスンにまとめて動画として投稿するのは、積極的に勉強するきっかけと教える練習にもなりますし、成長を記録する方法としていいかな、と思っています。

  • Q. Why do you want to become a teacher?

    A. I was uninterested in social studies when I was young, until I began realizing how fun it is to learn about new things and perspectives in the world. So I decided to get a teacher’s license during college. And even though I wasn’t quite set on becoming a teacher in the beginning, I felt a great sense of accomplishment like never before when I saw how my students enjoyed and understood my lesson during my teaching practice session.

  • Q. なぜ教員になろうと思われたのですか?

    A. もともと社会科は嫌いで苦手だったのですが、世界の色々新しい事を知るのが楽しいと思えるようになりまして。大学時代は社会科の教員免許を取りました。その時はまだ教員になるつもりはなかったのですが、教育実習で初めて生徒達が自分の授業を理解して楽しんでいると実感できた時に、ものすごい達成感を感じたんです。そこから改めて、教員になる事に興味が沸いてきたのです。

  • Q. But why do your video lessons in English?

    A. Well, just doing the lessons in Japanese seemed a little boring. And I had just made friends with an English-speaker at the time, so I decided to give it a try. I had also been intrigued by English from before because I really like music by English artists.

  • Q. でも、そもそもなぜわざわざ英語で動画レッスンを作っているのですか?

    A. ただ単純に日本語でやるのも面白くないと思っていた時、英語圏の方とも友達になるきっかけがあったんです。それを期にせっかくだから英語で試してみようかな、と思ったのと、昔から洋楽が好きでしたからね。

  • Q. Yes, I hope you have fun at the Fuji Rock Festival :-) How do you like making video lessons in English?

    A. Having to translate everything to English once is quite time-consuming and challenging, but really fascinating. For example, do you know the difference between a “country,” “kingdom,” “nation,” and “empire?” The extra step or translating has helped me learn about my field from an entirely new perspective. I’m learning a new world about linguistics as I’m studying Japanese history.

  • Q. ではフジロック、楽しんできてくださいね :-) 英語でレッスンをするのは、いかがですか?

    A. 全てを一度英語にするのは時間もかかりますし大変ですけど、とても興味深いですよ。例えば日本語で言う「国」は、場合によって“country,” “kingdom,” “nation,” また“empire”とも訳されるんです。英語でも情報収集する観点を持っていてよかったと、本当に思います。日本史の勉強と同時に、言語の感動があるんです。

  • Q. That all sounds fantastic! I’m sure your students will be very impressed if you knew Japanese history AND English. Do you have anything else you’d like to challenge in with English?

    A. In the future, I’m considering teaching at a Japanese school abroad. Also, I’m interested in making a web-service in English as well. I just want to challenge myself with many different things - for now, I want to continue to study Japanese history and how to edit videos, post more YouTube videos, and eventually try making the web service and teach abroad

  • Q. 素晴らしいですね。先生が英語でも授業が出来たら、生徒達もきっと驚くと思いますよ。では最後に、今後は英語を使って何か挑戦したい事はありますか?

    A. いずれは海外の日本語学校で教員をする事も検討しています。あと、全然違うのですが、新しいウェブサービスを英語で作ることにも興味があります。今は日本史の勉強、動画編集の勉強、YouTubeのための動画作成などをやりつつ、今後は海外の学校やウェブサービスの事などと、たくさんの事に挑戦し続けたいですね。

Interview Wrap Up

It is very exciting to talk with Ayumi, since she has so many different passions! But more than anything, it is her strong will and enthusiasm to achieve each of her visions that is extraordinary.
“We” salutes Ayumi and her high spirits, determination, and power as she continues to challenge herself to achieve her goals. Being able to gather information through the English perspective will most certainly help her broaden her horizons further. We look forward to seeing more of her YouTube videos!


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