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September 2015

Student of Japanese Language School Ms. Roshni Nirody
ロッシュニ ニロディさん

〜Language learning is the journey to make a new self.〜







Roshni, a diplomat at the Embassy of the United States of America, began her lesson at We this January. Since accomplishing tasks as the Special Assistant to the Ambassador to Japan requires using Japanese with government officials, local farmers, and in many other situations, Roshni acquired enough knowledge of the Japanese language to comprehend Japanese newspapers through Japanese educational institutions provided by the Department of State even before beginning her work at the Embassy.

What Roshni desired through her lessons at We was not to “maintain” her Japanese level, but to brush it up. Although she has no problem engaging in daily Japanese conversations, Roshni desired to learn expressions and vocabularies more close to what she wanted to communicate.

Roshni’s weekly lesson at the Embassy involved having discussions concerning topics presented by the instructor. Topics included themes such as “Honne & Tatemae (Real Intentions & Stated Principles),” “Group Oriented & Individual Oriented,” “Crime,” “Beauty,” and “Authority.” Exchanging opinions based on personal experiences without limiting oneself to simply comparing and contrasting American and Japanese cultures allowed for the practice of using adequate expressions and vocabularies. Roshni states that this unrestricted lesson style suits her well. The conventional “instructor” “student” relationship is taken away in this lesson style. Rather than the “structure,” the “content” is given emphasis on.

Language learning is a journey to make a new self. Rather than simply learning “how” to use the new language, it is about evolving to a new self (“who”) by taking in the new language and combining your own taste. Becoming the best partner to the student’s “journey to make a new self” is how We aims to be, and the theme that We originates from.

Roshni’s journey will still continue. It is of We’s greatest pleasure to have been able to take part in Roshni’s journey.

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