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October 2015

Manager of Japanese Language School Section Ms. Yukari Iioka
飯岡 夕佳里

〜Lessons that Customize to your “Life”.〜


We Japanese Language Schoolの講師陣をまとめる飯岡講師は、その30年近い日本語教育経験の大半をアメリカで従事しました。学校から企業まで、初級から上級まで、子供から大人まで、その教授経験は多岐に渡ります。


 違いは教育の方法にも及びます。日本の教育を受け、アメリカの教育現場で教える中で、その教育・学習スタイルの違いを目の当たりにした、と話します。正確さを重視する日本の教育と、課題解決型のアメリカの教育。もちろん地域または学校により異なりますが、日本では多くの場合、答えを「考えて出すこと」を重視し、アメリカでは答えを「考えてもがくこと」に、より重点がおかれます。それぞれの良い点をどう日本語教育に活かせるのか? 飯岡講師は問い続けます。



With nearly 30 years of experience teaching Japanese (of which most was spent in the United States), Yukari now brings together the teachers at We. She has a wealth of teaching experience, teaching at various places, towards various age groups of various levels.

Yukari is passionate about having as many of her students as possible develop a further interest in the Japanese Culture and the Japanese people, and having them enjoy their experiences as they discover differences from their own culture. Since she has experienced many cultural differences while in the USA, she can strongly relate when non-Japanese students have their “!” and “!?” moments while in Japan.

Yukari speaks of the teaching/studying differences she saw whilst teaching in the US education system, after she herself received an education in Japan. While Japanese education puts emphasis on accuracy, American education was about problem-solving. Of course, there are minor differences between regions and schools, but in general, Japan values “thinking and finding the answer,” and the US values the experience of “struggling through the problem.” Yukari continually questions how she can employ the goodness of both in Japanese language education.

The goal of learning Japanese is to go beyond the actual language itself, to connect with people and communities by sharing knowledge and experiences, and ultimately use such connections to overcome various challenges that one may face. Once you experience the surprise and joy of cultural differences, and realize that you have taken in new perspectives, your “life” can change.

To strive to constantly consider and respect what the person in front of you really needs, and to support them both humbly and passionately, in both one’s “professional” and “personal” life. For students and teachers to be yourself and happy about your life is what teachers at We aspire to do and encourage all students to do as well.

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