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November 2015

Student of English Language School Mr. Hirokazu Matsuyama
松山 裕一さん

〜Design My Life Cross-Culturally.〜






While Hirokazu Matsuyama is a successful graphic designer who has been running his own design firm for almost 30 years, he is also a successful artist who has held several solo art exhibitions in Tokyo featuring is own designs. And along with his passion for design, Hirokazu also has a passion for learning English at We.

One of the main reasons Hirokazu studies English is his interest in making friends with foreign artists. By learning English and expanding his range of community to a global level, Hirokazu’s range of inspirations can also expand. And by catalyzing the goodness of both Japanese and English tastes, it will lead to the creation of completely new and hybrid designs.

Furthermore, Hirokazu describes how there is meaning in the act of “learning” itself. While it is important to learn with a certain goal, he believes he had begun cultivating a new lifestyle and sensibility from the point he began his “learning” of a new language. As a result, he can develop new perspectives and inspirations, and begin designing a new “self”. Hirokazu shared such thoughts about “learning for the sake of learning,” a truly inspiring mindset of a creator.

To become a designer who can enrich and design his own life as well as his clients’, Hirokazu will continue to develop his communication skills, and create innovative designs and lifestyles. “We” wishes Hirokazu the best of luck, and is excited to see his further success!

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