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March 2016

Student of English Language School Ms. Sachiko Matsuda
松田 佐智子さん

〜English Unlocked My New World.〜


 ボランティアガイドとは、どのようなお仕事だと思いますか? 暗記した内容を、外国の方々を相手にただひたすら機械的に日本を伝える事を想像するなら、それは全く違います。実際の、ボランティアガイドの現場は、大変ダイナミックで多様な相互コミュニケーションが存在します。そこには、新たな出会いや発見が無数にあり、普段の生活では会うことができないような人々と絆が結べます。世界の人々との触れ合いは、世界の知識に触れることを意味します。新たな知識、見識を求め成長していきたい人にとっては、ボランティアガイドは理想の環境です。そんなボランティアガイドとしてご活躍しておられる松田佐智子さんの日々は、刺激と笑いで溢れています。

What do you think being a Volunteer Guide is about? If you imagined that it is just mindlessly repeating the same memorized phrases to foreign tourists all day, you are entirely wrong. It is anything but mindless work – being a volunteer guide is a site of various dynamic communication. The world of being a volunteer guide includes numerous exciting encounters and discoveries, and opportunities to make precious bonds with people who you would not have had the opportunity to meet otherwise. Such interactions with the global community naturally involves developing global insights. For someone who desires to change and grow by absorbing new knowledge and perspectives, volunteer guiding is the ideal setting. Since Sachiko Matsuda began her job as a volunteer guide, her days have been nothing less than thrilling.

Currently, Sachiko spends her time with global tourists at the Meiji Jinguu Shrine. Through her experiences, Sachiko noticed that everyone similarly expresses great pride and delight in their own country and culture. Interacting with such people has sparked Sachiko’s interest to re-embrace her own Japanese heritage. Sachiko believes that learning about the Japanese culture, customs, and international relations will help her make even deeper bonds with her foreign friends. Since this realization, Sachiko is aiming to become a cosmopolitan with pride in her own nationality.

While Sachiko works as a volunteer at the Meiji Jinguu Shrine and is studying to be a Licensed Guide, she is actually also a devoted housewife that supports her husband and a mother that has raised a son. As her husband works abroad and her son is studying at a university in Kyoto, Sachiko has found her own special stage to shine in. For Sachiko, English is the perfect supplement that energizes and allows her proudly live her second life. It is We’s greatest pleasure and excitement to watch Sachiko continuously shine!

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