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January 2016

Student of English Language School Mr. Yusaku Isaka
井坂 優作さん

〜From the Pitcher’s Mound to the Global Stage.〜




現時点ではアメリカで何を成し遂げられるかは未知数ではありますが、すべてはこれからです。予想だにしないことや、たくさんのかけがいのない出会いがあることでしょう。更に、よりグローバルな交流関係を築きたいという想いから、英語以外の言語にも興味を抱いている井坂さん。旅立ちの日が迫るにつれて、井坂さんの“Change and Grow”する意欲はより強くなっています。

ポジティブであり続けよう、大志を抱き続けようという強さは、井坂さんが今後どのような舞台に上がっても、常に前進し続ける原動力となることでしょう。Weは、井坂さんの“Change and Grow”を楽しみにしています!

Until recently, since his elementary school days, Yusaku Isaka’s life had been revolving entirely around baseball. On the summer of 2015, his team regrettably lost against the powerful team of Waseda Vocational High School at the regional tournament for the Japanese High School Baseball Championship (Koshien). Yusaku took the blow hard, and could not bear to watch the TV broadcasts of the Koshien games afterwards. However, upon accepting the results, Yusaku decided that “this was a chance for him to become a new person,” and vowed to himself that he will strive to make all the efforts necessary so that one day, he will be able to look back and say that he was glad he lost that day.

To become a new person, Yusaku had a strong desire to first expand his views outside of baseball. From that, he made a huge decision to study abroad at an American university. As his first step, he dived into the world of the English language at We. Slowly but surely, Yusaku began to expand his horizons to a new, global playing field.

At this point, Yusaku does not know what to expect once he goes abroad. Everything is just beginning to unravel, and his future is filled with the unexpected and opportunities to develop priceless friendships. Even more, Yusaku speaks of his interest in learning more foreign languages so that he can make friends with people around the globe. His eagerness to “Change and Grow” seems to be gaining momentum as he prepares for his journey.

Yusaku’s strength to be ambitious and stay positive will surely become a strong driving force for him to continue moving forward, no matter what playing field he enters. “We” is thoroughly excited for the “Change and Grow” journey that awaits Yusaku!

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