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January 2017

Student of English Language School Ms. Katsuko Hirakawa

〜Living Your Life to the Fullest.〜

This month's We face features a student from our English section - Ms. Katsuko Hirakawa. Katsuko has studied with us for many years now, and continues to develop her English conversation skills. We had the honor of sitting and chatting with her after one of her lessons, about how We blends in with her life today.

今月のWe faceは、英語部門の生徒の、平川カツコさんです。10年以上前からWeで学習を続けている平川さんは、現在も定期的にレッスンを受講して英語学習に情熱を傾けております。今回はレッスン後に少しお時間を頂き、今の平川さんの生活にWeがどのように織り込まれているのか、伺ってみました。

Interview インタビュー

  • Q. Thank you so much for giving us your time today Katsuko. There's so much we'd like to ask, but first, let's start with why you began studying English.

    A. Well, there was this time when I went to visit my daughter who had been studying abroad in Australia. When I met the mother of her host family, I wanted to talk about so many things with her, as we were both mothers and probably had lots of daily concerns in common. But I wasn't able to speak much English, so I decided I wanted to begin learning.

  • Q. 今日はお時間を割いて頂きありがとうございます! 伺いたことはたくさんあるのですが、まず、何故英語学習を始められたのか伺ってもいいですか?

    A. 昔、娘がオーストラリアに勉強をしに行っていた時期があったのですが、会いに遊びに行ったとき、娘のホームスティ先の奥さんと悩みの事とか色々と話してみたかったんです。けれどあまり話せなくて。その時やっぱり英語を習いたいと思い始めました。

  • Q. That must have been a very frustrating experience. I understand that you like to travel abroad often now too.

    A. Yes, I love traveling! That's another reason why learning English is important to me now.

  • Q. それは歯がゆかったでしょうね。今では平川さんは旅行もよく行かれると伺っています。

    A. そうですね。海外旅行はとても好きです。そのためにも英語は必要でしたね。

  • Q. What countries have you gone too, and what do you like to do when you travel?

    A. Honestly, it'll be quicker if I listed off the places that I haven't been too. When I travel, I really love speaking with lots of different people. I just catch whoever seems available, and I can thoroughly enjoy my conversation with them, even if I'm not able to communicate perfectly.

  • Q. どの国々に行かれたことがありますか?また、普段旅行先で、よくされていることはありますか?

    A. 正直、行ったことが無い国を言ったほうが早いですよ。そして旅行先では、私はたくさんの人とお話しするのが好きです。人を捕まえちゃって、会話を楽しむんです。完璧に英語が出てこなくても、あーたくさん話したーって、とても嬉しい気持ちになれるんですよ。

  • Q. Wow, it sounds like you've been all over the world! Have you ever encountered any problems while traveling though?

    A. Even if I get a little lost, I can always just ask. Like when my flight was cancelled at the Chicago Airport, I just kept on asking the people around me about what I should do, how to call home, etc. I might have asked a little too much, but the people were very friendly and helpful.

  • Q. 世界中に行かれているんですね! でも旅行先でトラブル遭遇したことなどは無かったのですか?

    A. 少し迷っても、なんでも聞いちゃいますから。以前シカゴ空港でフライトがキャンセルされた際、どこに行って何をすればいいのか、どうやって家に電話すればいいのか、全部周りの人に聞いちゃいました。色々と聞きすぎたかもしれませんが(笑)。でもみんな親切に答えてくれました。

  • Q. You're very bold and powerful in any situation Katsuko! And yes, I also think it's always good to just ask, rather than being shy and afraid to speak. So, out of all the places you've been to, do you have a favorite place?

    A. Singapore was the first country outside of Japan I ever visited, and it was my favorite. But just last year, I went to Hawaii for the first time, and I think I love the place just as much! In fact, I'll be going again next week, to join the Honolulu walking marathon!

  • Q. とてもパワフルですね! でも確かに、恥ずかしがっているよりは、なんでも聞いてみた方がいいですものね。では、今まで行かれたところで特に好きな場所はありますか?

    A. 初めて行った海外がシンガポールなのですが、本当に好きで何度も行っています!でも去年初めてハワイに行って、あそこもとても好きになりましたね。実は、来週も行く予定なんです。ホノルルのウォーキング・マラソンに参加します。

  • Q. That sounds very fun! Why did you decide to join?

    A. Honestly, I usually really don't like working out. But my son runs marathons, and he recommended that I join. Even though I'm 71 this year, there's no time limit to this marathon, and I decided to give it a try. I've been walking every morning since this summer to prepare.

  • Q. 平川さん、本当にアクティブなんですね。なんでマラソンに参加されることにしたのですか?

    A. 正直、運動は大嫌いなんです(笑)。でも息子がマラソンをするので、すすめられて。私は今年で71歳になりますけど、時間制限も無いマラソンらしいので、挑戦してみようかと。夏から毎朝歩いて、練習してます!

  • Q. Is there anything else you'd like to try in the future?

    A. I want to got to Iceland, and enjoy the hot-springs! I went to Ireland two years ago, and it was an incredible experience, to be so far away from everything. I want to go to the ends of the Earth like that again.

  • Q. それでは今後も挑戦してみたいことはありますか?

    A. アイスランドに行きたいですね。あそこの温泉に入ってみたいです。一昨年アイルランドに行ったのですが、とても素敵な経験でした。あの時のように、世界の最果てに行ってみたいんです。

Interview Wrap Up

Speaking with Katsuko is very enjoyable and exhilarating, since she has so many different stories to tell about her various experiences from all over the world, and she has extraordinary vigor and strength to continue challenging herself with new things. We are happy to see how Katsuko is using the language skills she gained at We, to fulfill her many passions and interests. We hope to be by her side as she continues to live her life to the fullest!


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