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February 2016

Student of Japanese Language School Mr. Hendrik Aschermann
ヘンドリック アシェルマンさん

〜Wearing the Comfortable Japanese That Suits Me.〜





“Language is the dress of thought”(言語は思考のドレスである)という名言があります。Weでは、単に日本語の知識の伝授ではなく、その方に似合う日本語(dress)をデザインしご提供することを心がけています。日本語というドレスは、「着物」だけではありません。なのに教科書の中の日本語は、堅苦しい「着物」ばかりです。Weは、ヘンドリックさんがいつもお召しのグリーンのシャツのような「動きやすい服」の日本語で、自由に自分らしさを表現していただきたいと思っています。

ヘンドリックさんの次の目標は、「日本語でDirty Jokeをいうこと」です。その目標に到達された時のヘンドリックさんの独創的なdressをスタッフ一同、楽しみにしています。

As a broadcast writer, Hendrik Aschermann’s interest naturally centers on the art of “words.” Weaving jokes into conversations is particularly important for him, so Hendrik’s Japanese lessons at We are always filled with laughter. At the same time though, he has a knack for identifying unique qualities of the Japanese Language.

Within the interview article “Nihon de Nihongo” of this month’s issue, Hendrik analyzes that exact topic of learning Nihongo(Japanese) in Nihon(Japan). Learning Japanese as a second-language is seen as more difficult than learning other languages.

First and foremost, there is the presence of various characters such as Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji. And let’s not forget Keigo (Honorific speech) – the Japanese language that one experiences in the city is often much too polite and difficult to comprehend. However, in the midst of such challenges, Hendrik is finding ways to enjoy riding the waves of learning Japanese with his innate sense of humor.

There is a famous quote stating that “Language is the dress of thought.” At We, the focus is not merely about teaching the Japanese Language, but about designing different “dresses” that best suits each student. While the Japanese that is taught in textbooks seem stiff and inflexible like “Kimonos,” the Japanese language “dress” is certainly not limited these “Kimonos.” “We” would love to see Hendrik freely express himself with a more comfortable Japanese “dress,” like the green shirt that he always wears.

Hendrik’s next goal is “To say dirty jokes in Japanese.” We are excited to see Hendrik’s unique and original “dress” when he achieves this goal.

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