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April 2016

Student of Japanese Language School Mr. Nguyen Tuan Hai, Mr. Dang Quang Vinh, Mr. Bui Nguyen Tat Thanh, Mr. Nguyen Van Khanh
グエン・トゥアン・ハイさん、ダン・クァン・ヴィンさん、ブイ・グエン・タット・タインさん、 グエン・ヴァン・カインさん

〜Bridging the World with the Big Data.〜

As soon as they arrived to work in Japan, these four fine gentlemen from Dentsu Macromill Insight, Inc. took a 3 month Japanese language training course at We. They all majored in Computer Science at the Hanoi University of Science and Technology. We asked them about their future visions and their reasons for choosing to come to Japan.


Interview インタビュー

  • Q. What triggered your interest in Japan?

    A. Vinh-Ever since beginning to read Manga like Doraemon & Naruto, I fell in love.
    Khanh-ASIMO. I imagined there would be robots all over Japan.
    Thanh-I’ve home-stayed at a farm in the Aomori Prefecture during high school. The kindness of the people was memorable.
    Hai-Manga & books like Detective Conan. I wanted to learn more about the life here.

  • Q. 日本に興味を持ったきっかけは?

    A. ヴィン-小学生の時から読み始めたドラえもんやナルトなどのまんがで日本が大好きに。

  • Q. Why did you choose work in Japan?

    A. Hai-I wanted to apply my specialty in an economically/socially developed country.
    Thanh-Many Japanese companies are investing in Vietnam, and I heard that Japanese companies treat their foreign employees equally.

  • Q. 就職先に日本を選んだ理由は?

    A. ハイ-経済的にも社会的にも成熟している日本で、専門の知識を応用したいと思った。

  • Q. What good impressions do you have of Japan?

    A. Vinh-The hot springs! We don’t have customs of enjoying hot springs in Vietnam.
    Hai-The kindness & convenience. You can shop at a “konbini” at any time, and the people at stores & government offices are all very kind.
    Khanh-It’s safe and the air is clean!

  • Q. 素敵な日本の体験は?

    A. ヴィン-温泉! ベトナムではこのように温泉を楽しむ文化がない。

  • Q. How do you want to make use of your experiences in Japan?

    A. Vinh-I want to be the bridge between Vietnam & Japan.
    Khanh-I want to learn about how Japanese people work, and contribute to Vietnam’s further development.
    Thanh-I want to apply the professional knowledge about data processing in Vietnam.
    Hai-I believe that data research should be able to cross various disciplines and contribute to society .

  • Q. 日本での経験をどのように活かしたい?

    A. ヴィン-ベトナムと日本の架け橋になりたい。

  • Q. Your future dreams?

    A. All four gentlemen have the rest of the world in perspective. While their destinations vary from China to France, they all share the strong passion to use their hard knowledge of IT, their soft knowledge of data analysis, and their marketing experience in Japan to serve their home country Vietnam, and ultimately the world. “We” will continue to devote all our powers in supporting everyone overcome language/cultural barriers, and progress towards their dreams.

  • Q. 将来の夢は?

    A. 4名に共通するのが、日本の先に世界を視野に入れていること。希望の行先は中国やフランスなどそれぞれですが、ITというハードな部分の知識を基盤に、日本でのマーケティング経験を活かして祖国ベトナム、そして世界に、データ分析というソフトの力で貢献したいという強い意欲が印象的でした。Weは引き続き、言葉や文化の違いの障壁を取り除き、夢へのスムーズな一歩が踏み出せるよう、全力でお手伝いをさせていただきたく思います。

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