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Tuition Fee

We's point system allows you to decide the number of lessons you take based on your learning goals and availability. Your student partner will arrange a tailored study plan with a quotation.

Point System

You can customize your lesson schedule according to your goals and circumstances, even if your goal changes in the course of your study. Each group lesson is worth two points and each private lesson is worth three points.

Points Length of validity Cost per point Total Payment by installments
40 5 months ¥1,750 (Excl. tax) ¥70,000 (Excl. tax) N/A
60 8 months ¥1,650 (Excl. tax) ¥99,000 (Excl. tax) Up to 2
100 10 months ¥1,550 (Excl. tax) ¥155,000 (Excl. tax) Up to 3
150 15 months ¥1,400 (Excl. tax) ¥210,000 (Excl. tax) Up to 4

*Less than 40 points,  the cost per point is ¥1,900 (Excl. tax)


【Points needed】
●Group Lesson (85 minutes) = 2 points
●Personal Lesson (40 minutes) = 3 points
●Online Personal Lesson (40 minutes) = 3 points
●Group Single Session (55 minutes – 85 minutes) = 1 to 3 points

●Enrollment Fee ¥15,000 (Excl. tax)
●Materials Fee ~¥6,000 (Excl. tax)

Example of Point Usage


Fabio’s Case 【Business People】

◆ First period

Lesson Style ( Lesson contents ):
1. Group lesson ( Daily Conversation )
2. Private lesson ( Business Japanese & E-mail writing )

Sample of point usage:
1. Group lesson ( Twice a week ) = 4 points
2. Private Lesson ( 5 times a week )  = 15 points
>>> Total: 19 points / week

◆ Second period

Lesson Style ( Lesson contents ):
1. Private lesson ( Business E-mail writing & JLPT N1 preparation )
2. Special session  ( ‘Global Insights’ discussion with Japanese students )

Sample of point usage:
1. Private lesson ( 3 times a week ) = 9 points
2. Special session ( once a week )  = 1.5 points
>>> Total: 10.5 points / week

◆ Fabio’s story

He took the intensive Japanese course for a month during his vacation because he was supposed to be assigned to Japan within a few years.

He was prepared to do his work in Japan acquiring basic business Japanese. The lessons were planned for his needs and aims and were a combination of part-time group class and intensive private lessons that were effective over the short term.

After he moved to Japan, he regularly took the private lessons balancing them with his work. He has improved his business Japanese skills through learning practical and useful Japanese which he can use for work.

Now, he participates in the JLPT N1 preparation class which is helping with his new goal, to pass N1, and he is also taking part in discussion classes with Japanese students.

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