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Scheduling System

‘We’ offers a variety of lessons styles to accommodate diverse students with different needs and preferences, so we guarantee that you will find a lesson style that is perfect for your lifestyles.

Flexible Booking System


If you want to review what you have learned in your regular lesson, devote more time to improving your conversation skills, squeeze in a lesson between appointments or increase the frequency of your lessons to maximize your learning potential, you can book additional lessons and customize you curriculum at any time to suit your current needs.

Make-up Lesson System

If you were unable to attend a group lesson, you can schedule a private make-up lesson at your convenience. Even if your work requires you to be out of town often or your schedule is unpredictable because of unexpected meetings, the make-up lesson system allows you to keep on top of your study plan by making up for any lessons you have missed.


Lesson Time Availability

‘We’ is open from 7:00am to 10:00pm during weekdays and 9:00am to 8:00pm on the weekends so you will be able to find a time that is perfect for your schedule, without having to compromise your work hours or plans for the day. ‘We’s’ flexible lesson schedule is designed for you to best suit your lifestyle.


Participate Anytime

Courses do not have a set starting date, so you can join in a class that is suitable for you level at any time. By taking the make-up lessons and catching up with classmates, you can even join a class that is already halfway through. New course times vary and depend on class size and the number of students at the same level. You can begin taking private lessons at anytime provided there is an instructor and a classroom available.

Counselling and Free Trial Lesson
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