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Evaluation System

We believe that it is important for learners to keep studying at a steady pace as well as provide opportunities for learners to check their progress and evaluate their current level of Japanese.

Level Up Test


Asides from helping students set their final goal, we regularly monitor students’ improvement to adjust the study plan depending on their progress. By creating the curriculum based on a set of clearly defined goals, we are able to suggest a study plan that allows the students to steadily improve their Japanese. By responding proactively to students’ changing needs, we support the students all throughout their study of Japanese.

Evaluation Report


During study counselling sessions students will receive evaluation reports in order to review their progress and make future study plans. At this time, students will go over these reports with their Student Partners to review any advice from their instructors in order to re-set short-term and long-term goals, review their current needs and adjust the curriculum accordingly.

*For corporate customers, we send reports at regular intervals outlining each employee’s progress, what they have studied and how much improvement they have made.



At the conclusion of the course, each student receives a certificate as proof of completion. This certificate outlines the length / hours / content of study. At the same time, your Student Partner will have a study counseling session with you to share the lesson evaluation comments from your instructors which is essential for your future study. Your investment in studying Japanese at ‘We’ is sure to become a stepping-stone to reaching your goals.

Counselling and Free Trial Lesson
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