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We offer options to ensure stress-free management of your points giving you the most out of your investment of your time and money.

Maximize your ROI with our flexible system.
Everything we do is about delivering valuable experiences, principles and skills that cater to your business and individual needs. Our system supports you to overcome any obstacles and help you achieve your goal. By offering valuable information throughout lessons and tangible deliverables we strive to give you a return of your investment of time, effort and money.

Scheduling System


Keeping in line with our student first philosophy, ‘We’ offers a flexible scheduling system and a variety of lesson styles that are sure to accommodate even the most hectic lifestyle. Feel free to contact our Student Partners who will be more than happy to work out the best schedule for you.

Evaluation System


‘We’ regularly monitors students’ progress in order to set appropriate goals and create curricula. By doing so, we can suggest study plans that maximize the students improvement. We strive to actively respond to the students’ changing needs and support their learning of Japanese.

Tuition Fees


At ‘We,’ there are two tuition fee systems: the ‘set plan’ and the ‘point system.’ Although it may be tempting to buy a lot of points at once because there is a discount, it may not be the best option for you. Our counselors will work closely with you to figure out the most efficient plan for your budget.


Application Process


Whether you have studied Japanese before or you are completely beginner, we suggest that all prospective students visit our school and talk to our Student Partners about their needs and goals. They will help you determine which course is best for you and create a study plan that is tailored to your needs.

Counselling and Free Trial Lesson
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