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Student Partners

At ‘We’, the counselors are equally as important as the instructors. They will work hand-in-hand with you so you will feel confident in reaching your goals.

Student Partners at ‘We’

Why are they called Student ‘Partners’?

We call our counselors ‘Student Partners’ because they are your ‘partner’ who will assist you with enriching your experiences in Japan. They will understand your unique circumstances, personality and needs so that you are on the right track to reach your goals.

Who are the Student Partners?

The Student Partners at ‘We’ are all qualified or experienced Japanese teachers, so they can assist you by using their expertise and experiences to create a study plan that is best for you. They can also act as a private tutor if you have any questions or if you are having problems with your studies.
As all of our Student Partners have experience living abroad, they understand how difficult it is to live in a foreign country. They are always happy to answer or assist you with any questions or problems that you may have while living in Japan.

What do the Student Partners do?

Before you enroll, the Student Partners will provide a counseling session to learn about your needs and goals so they can customize a study plan that is right for you. We believe that the shortest path to improving your Japanese is for the students, the instructors and the Student Partners to share the same short-term and long-term visions. To this end, the Student Partners will work closely with the instructor and provide study counseling every three months so you can check your progress.

The Counseling Flow

Counseling to Advance Progress


During the duration of your course, we provide counseling every three months to check your progress, measure the distance to your goal and re-adjust your study schedule. In addition, we will set a ‘milestone’ every three months so you can visualize your next step and see where you are heading, adjusting your study plan whenever necessary. We will make sure that you will be able to follow the shortest path to your goals.

Counseling to Check Improvement


At the end of the course, the Student Partners will check your improvement and how much you attained your goals according to the score of your final evaluation. Your total ‘We Experience’ includes records of scores in all of your classes, the score of your mid-term evaluation, your results from the JLPT and other exams and comments from instructors. They will all be taken into consideration to check how much you have improved.

Self-Study Plan
Studying outside of class is important to improve your Japanese. One could even say that the type of studying you do outside of class is crucial to improve your learning in the classroom. However, we understand that people have very limited time due to various commitments. At ‘We,’ the counselors will draw on their own experiences and their extensive knowledge about education to create a self-study plan that allows you to effectively study outside of class. We also sell textbooks and materials recommended by experts in language acquisition.

Student Partners at We


Miyuki Inoue

[Academic Qualifications]
Toyo University (Bachelor of English Communication)

[Teaching Experience]
Taught Japanese to adults in Japan.

Through working as a student partner at We Japanese Language School, I have met many great people and have learned what they need to grow in general as well as individually. I also have experience living abroad, so I can certainly feel empathy for your new journey here in Japan. From all of my experiences, I believe the most important thing for a student partner is to understand and draw out your individual needs and expectations. I’m so excited to navigate your Japanese learning experience at We Japanese Language School and I’m sure that you will make amazing discoveries while mastering Japanese!


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