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Our policy at ‘We’ is to deliver ‘progress,’ as if it were a product. As students progress in their courses, this ‘progress’ naturally accumulates into ‘improvement.’

Lesson Method

Achieve your ‘goal of the day’ every lesson

At ‘We’, we will create your tailor-made study plan based on your specific needs until you reach your final goal. The plan is structured so you can make small progress every lesson by achieving your ‘goal of the day’. By setting these checkpoints, we ensure that you are steadily working your way towards your goal.

To guarantee improvement, our lessons follow the 3 ‘W’s.

First, to prepare for progress, we make sure students ‘Warm Up’ so they can get their mind, heart, and feelings ready to study Japanese. In the next ‘Work Up’ phase, the students learn, practice, and make progress. Lastly, we ‘Wrap Up’ so the progress will stay with the student. In this phase, we review the day’s progress with the students so they can be more confident and motivated. The ‘WWW Method’ is structured so that every minute of your study will contribute to your success.


20 levels of Japanese at ‘We’

What is the best way to make steady progress with Japanese?

【1】Understand your current level of Japanese.
【2】Imagine the level of Japanese that you want to attain in the future.
【3】Create a plan that bridges the gap between your current self and ideal self.

That is why, at ‘We,’ we place an emphasis on clearly defining ‘levels’ as a means of visualizing your Japanese ability. We offer 20 levels of Japanese and define each level according to the set of required skills or knowledge.


Lesson Styles

For those who want to improve their communication skills, small group lessons may be the best choice as it allows students to share knowledge. Private lessons can flexibly accommodate each student’s unique needs so it may be the best choice for those who want to strengthen their grammar or want to practice speaking or presenting in a business setting. ‘We’ also offers study plans that combine both styles so students can efficiently improve their Japanese.


Personal Lessons [In-House or Online]


Students study one-on-one with the instructor. Private lessons can accommodate your unique needs so you can improve efficiently. The classrooms are not partitioned cubicles but independent rooms separated by glass walls that reach all the way up to the ceiling. The rooms are spacious and offer an ideal environment for concentrating on your study.

Group Lessons


‘We’ offers small group lessons ranging from one to six students per group. The small class size allows students and instructors to communicate smoothly  and makes it possible for instructors to closely observe the students’ level of comprehension. During role-plays between students, the instructors are easily able to check the progress of each pair.

Semi-Private Lessons


Semi-private lessons are designed for private individuals or corporate clients who request Japanese language lessons for two individuals. If you are looking for lessons with your partner, friends or children who have exactly the same learning needs and availability as you, this course provides individualized attention to improve or master your Japanese skills together.

Counselling and Free Trial Lesson
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