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Students can use our facilities as their own personal study space. A sophisticated atmosphere and comfortable learning environment makes ‘We’ your oasis amidst the bustle of Shibuya.

Facilities at ‘We’

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    Student Lobby
    The student lobby is a relaxing space open exclusively to students where you can concentrate on your studies or sit down for a break between lessons as if you were at a café. It is equipped with free Wi-Fi connections and stocked with magazines, photo books and other materials.
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    Listening Corner
    CDs and DVDs for all purposes and levels are available for your use. It is a space where you can study at your leisure while watching the bustle of Shibuya from the window. The stylish, comfortable chairs in the listening corner are designed by Italian designer Harry Bertoia.
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    Self Study Room
    The self-study room is fully equipped with a variety of textbooks and specialized books. Students may use the room at anytime, even on days when they do not have lessons. It is also a great place to raise your motivation by meeting students with the same goal or ‘We’ students from all around the world.
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    Group Lesson Rooms
    The group lesson rooms are well-lighted and spacious rooms where students can concentrate on their study. All classrooms are uniquely designed with different furniture and color. The group lesson rooms will definitely stimulate your imagination and create lively conversations.
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    Seminar Room
    The seminar room can accommodate a maximum of 20 students for test preparation and other seminars. It is also used for TOEIC(R) and English Proficiency Examinations. There are two large whiteboards to conduct academic and informative lessons.
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    Private Lesson Rooms
    The private lesson rooms are used for one-on-one lessons. The classrooms are not partitioned cubicles but independent rooms separated by glass walls that reach all the way up to the ceiling. The rooms are spacious and offer an ideal environment for concentrating on your study.
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