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Learning about the Japanese language and its culture will help deepen your understanding of Japan. 'We' places an equal emphasis on language learning and cultural experiences.

A Variety of Culture Classes

Wagashi Hobby-english

“Wagashi (literally meaning Japanese sweets)” has been included as a part of Japan’s intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. It is becoming more and more popular such as, “Nerikiri”, “Kinton”, rice cakes and so on. Do you know the origin of “Wagashi” or the meaning of the shape / pattern itself? Originally, it was created in Edo era and the “Wagashi” culture has been developing since then. Come and join us and experience the wonderful world of “Wagashi” a great Japanese tradition?


Tea Ceremony

When a foreign friend asks you about what is Japanese traditional culture one of first things you may think of is “Sado (Japanese tea ceremony). However, you may find it difficult to explain exactly what “Sado” is to your foreign friends. If this is the case then this session is for you. This session is best fit for those who want to learn the mindset of “Sado” as well as learn how to actually make it. You will receive a lecture about “Sado” both in English and Japanese with Japanese students.

English School at ‘We’

At ‘We’, there is also an English and Chinese school in addition to the Japanese school. It is a great environment to meet, communicate and exchange information with native Japanese speakers. These interactions with different native speakers are good opportunities to further improve your Japanese. ‘We’ is a school where students can work towards their goal in a multicultural environment with students from over 30 different countries.



Exchange Program

‘We’ conducts exchange programs with Japanese students who are studying English or Chinese. It is a good chance to expand your network and meet exchange partners who share the same hobby or lifestyle. The exchange program is sure to make your stay in Japan a much more enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

Participation in English Classes

At ‘We’ there are discussion classes (‘Global Insights’) and hobby classes (‘Hobby-English’). Students from the Japanese language school can participate in them too, and it is a great opportunity to discuss the custom and cultural differences between your country and Japan with native Japanese speakers, acquire new hobbies and meet new friends who share the same interests.

Parties at ‘We’


Students at ‘We’ English language school

Students at the English language school also participate in the parties at ‘We’. Events are held every two months so bring your friends and family and join in the fun. It is also a good chance to use the expressions you have learned in class, make friends and network with people from a variety of different occupations.
July 29 (Sat) Summer Party Bring Beat the heat with ‘Summer’ drinks and food.
October 21 (Sat) Halloween Party If you wear a costume, you might win a present.
December 16 (Sat) Christmas Party Take part in a game of Bingo and win great prizes.


Counselling and Free Trial Lesson
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