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'We' offers Daily, Business and Test Preparation classes as well as a variety of other classes to suit your individual needs. In total there are 20 levels for unique ‘We’ classes.

Variety of Classes

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      Daily Conversation
      To live in Japan, it is important to have daily conversation ability. ‘We’ offers various levels of practical daily conversation classes from survival to upper advanced-level Japanese, which focus both on quantity and the quality of the knowledge.
      ■ Beginner [L.1-4]
      ■ Upper-Beginner [L.5-8]
      ■ Intermediate [L.9-12]
      ■ Upper Intermediate [L.13-16]
      ■ Advanced [L.17-20]
      ■ Survival Japanese
      ■ Refresher Course




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      Business Conversation
      ‘We’ offers lessons that teach practical real-life business Japanese, which you can use the moment you step into your workplace. All our business courses contain helpful knowledge about Japanese business protocol to help you transition into work place with ease.
      ■ Basic Business Japanese
      ■ Intermediate Business Japanese
      ■ Advanced Business Japanese
      ■ Speech and Presentation
      ■ Current Affairs
      ■ Interview Preparation



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      Test Preparation
      To succeed with proficiency tests, it is important to have language skills as well as knowledge about test-specific strategies. ‘We’ has analyzed test questions together with professionals, to provide you with the essential knowledge and know-how required to succeed in the exams.
      ■ JLPT Preparation [N1-5]
      ■ BJT Preparation
      ■ Kanji Aptitude Test
      ■ College Entrance Exam
      ■ Test Taking Skills (Reading, Listening)



We Level Chart – Where are you?

Japanese ability is ‘invisible’.

That is why, at times, it is difficult to feel your progress. But, the feeling of progress can be an important motivation to keep studying. At ‘We’, we recognize the importance of ‘levels’ as a means of measuring and ‘visualizing’ your progress. Therefore, we have subdivided the levels into 20 stages, each with its own set of skills.

Before you start, use the chart below to find out your current level of Japanese.


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