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If you have any questions please refer to the FAQs below. For further questions, please contact us through the Contact us button.


What are some of the merits of learning at we japanese language school?
Along with our Japanese school we also have an English school where many Japanese students come for their English classes. Our two schools provide excellent opportunities for students from both schools to meet and practice their language skills. We organize activities where students from both schools can mix. For example, we have a party and a free-conversation lounge consistently.



When do courses start?
Courses do not have one set starting date. You can join in existent classes at various times. Even if you start a course halfway through, you will be able to catch up to other classmates. New course times vary and depend on class size and availability of students at the same level. Since we have such a range of levels, we are sure to find the most suitable class for you.
As for the private lessons, you can start anytime as long as we have a teacher and a classroom available!



When are classes?
Each class has a different schedule. Some classes are in the morning and some are in the evening. We, therefore, need to know your Japanese level and your schedule to find out which class is the best for you!



I would like to join in a group lesson but I am often away from Japan on business or family trips. Is that ok?
Yes, we can make the schedule work for you! For the valid period of your contract, we can extend it for the period that you are away. After you return from your trip, you can either take private lessons to catch up or change to another group that suits you schedule and learning goals.



Will I have same teacher for all of my classes?
For the group class, the same teacher will teach a class for an entire semester. For private lessons, it is possible to have the same teacher or different teachers if you prefer. It is up to you and your schedule.



What language do teachers use in the classroom?
Classes are held mostly in Japanese but when needed, you can ask questions in English and teachers are able to explain vocabulary and concepts in English.



Do I have to know Japanese characters (Kana and Kanji)? What is the focus of the lesson?
The lesson focus is mainly on communication skills. Therefore, there will be many oral-activities in the classroom, and reading and writing practice will be done for homework. However, we do recommend you learn Hiragana and Katakana for beginners and some Kanji for intermediate students so that you can learn pronunciation and vocabulary efficiently. We are able to focus on other areas or special requests in private lessons.



What is the maximum class size?
The maximum is 6 students in one group.



What is the level-up system and do I get a certificate upon completion?
After finishing the syllabus for each level, a short test will be given. Upon successful completion, a certificate confirming this will be awarded.



Do you have any other branches?
Currently, we are located only in Shibuya. However, we do offer lessons at your office and home which is ideal for those who live far from Shibuya or are not located in Japan.



How much is the tuition fee?
It depends on how many lessons you purchase. For example, If you would like to complete Beginner level in Daily Conversation Group Course, it will take 60 lessons and the tuition fee is about 270000 yen. If you would like to do that in a private lesson, the tuition fee would be about 360000 yen. *For more details: https://www.we-japan.com/system/tuition_fee/


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