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Test Preparation Course

Qualification tests are not only a step to upgrading your career, but also a way of checking your progress, sustaining your motivation and effectively improving your Japanese.
[Both In-House and Online Lesson are available]

Level Breakdown



Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)


All levels from N5 to N1

Whether you have just began your studies or you are considering changing jobs in Japan, we offer test preparation classes for all levels ranging from N5 to N1, so every student can prepare according to their goals.

Test-specific Strategies

At ‘We,’ we believe that your score is the sum of your knowledge and test-specific strategies. ‘We’ has worked with specialists to analyze the new JLPT test, which commenced in 2010, for trends in characters, vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension and listening comprehension that appear in the actual test. You can efficiently learn the techniques necessary to improve you score.

Skill-specific Classes

Each person has unique needs and strengths. Some students may excel in remembering characters and vocabulary but may struggle with listening comprehension. ‘We’ offers skill specific approaches for busy people so you can get better results in the shortest time possible.

Practice Tests

‘We’ conducts periodic practice tests that recreate the real test environment as close as possible, so you can get a feel for the actual test day and get rid of any pre-test anxieties.

Business Japanese Test (BJT)


What is BJT?

BJT is a test that determines your comprehensive Japanese communication skills in a business setting. Unlike the JLPT, which tests your knowledge of Japanese, the BJT is more suited to testing your practical abilities in Japanese.
BJT official website: http://www.kanken.or.jp/bjt/

Class Description

The BJT class at ‘We’ focuses on analyzing and strengthening the students’ listening comprehension and reading comprehension skills, in addition to determining their level of grammar knowledge including honorifics (keigo). While developing their test-taking strategies for the BJT, students are able to identify and overcome their weaknesses in Japanese.




Japanese Kanji Aptitude Test

While the Japanese individuals, it is not uncommon nowadays for learners to undertake the test improve their Japanese. Some universities and high schools recognize the qualification as credit points, and at some universities and junior colleges, the qualification may provide advantages in the entry process.


College Entrance Exam

This class aims to prepare learners for College Entrance Exams targeted at Japanese universities. The curriculum is comprised of short essay and interview preparation, as well as practice for the Japanese language component of the exam. The curriculum can be flexibly adjusted to meet the needs of each client.

Counselling and Free Trial Lesson
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