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Online Japanese Course

Why Choose WE for Online Japanese Course?
- We Use Highly Practical Textbooks
- We are Obsessed with Student-Centered Philosophy
- We Provide the Original Language Learning Portal Site

We Use Highly Practical Textbooks

Student Centered Philosophy

We teach “JapaNeeds (R) “

  • We Online Japanese Lesson
  • We Online Japanese Lesson
  • We Online Japanese Lesson


We personalize the Japanese language just for you.
So you can internalize the Japanese language as your own term!


We Language Diamond


We learn your preference and design tailor-made lesson plan of “your JapaNEEDS” based on We’s original “Metrix” © even before you start learning. The Metrix will be your Japanese learning vision (Guiding Star) and a compass that helps you learn your Japanese efficiently.

【Our Language Component】

[Language Skills] Speaking / Writing / Reading / Reading
[Language Elements] Pronunciation / Flow / Grammar / Vocabulary
[Language Core] Opinions / Sentiments / Facts / Values

【Lesson Schedule】

Flexible schedule that allows you to study at your own pace. Lessons are available and can be reserved 24 hours/365 days.


Our Original Language Learning Portal

Welife Portal

Our unique student portal “Welife” helps you make lesson reservations, communicate with your instructors, and keep track of your progress. When you register into We Online Japanese Course, you’ll receive your unique ID and PW. You can immediately get started taking lessons whenever you want and however you want.

We online japanese language course portal site

Lesson Record and Deliverables

One of our largest priorities is to remain accountable to our clients and provide a meaningful learning experience regardless of when you take a class or who you are taught by. The instructors at We Japan are trained to rigorously assess the growth of their students and record each lesson’s content after class is over in addition to providing a review guide. Through this practice, you can be assured that each class will be meaningfully spent on helping you achieve your goals.


Progress Reports

For every 30 lessons attended, the instructor prepares a detailed report for the student illustrating growth across various language skills, pointing out strengths and areas for improvement, and sharing helpful feedback. The more lessons a student attends, the more progress reports they’ll receive!

Tuition Fee

Point System: 40 minutes per lesson

Number of Lessons Length of validity Total
Monthly Plan

5 Lessons / month



¥19,000 / month
Set Plan

30 Lessons

8 months ¥110,000
Set Plan

50 Lessons

10 months ¥180,000
Set Plan

75 Lessons

15 months ¥255,000

Application Process

Our professional counselor will help with smooth onboarding.


1. Inquiry:

Kindly send us a request for counseling by using the contact form


2. Counseling:

Our web-counselor will contact you by email and set up a time slot to give you a web-counseling session.

3. Level-check and  Trial Lesson:

We provide a trial lesson, including an oral speaking test. We will learn your exact level, weaknesses, strengths and your needs and vision (40 minutes), for the purpose of building a personalized lesson plan for you.

4. Design your goals:

We organize information and crystallize what kind of Japanese language you wish to internalize yourself.

5. Issue ID/PW for your portal site:

You can access your portal site to take off to your JapaNEEDS learning journey!

Our Clients

Counselling and Free Trial Lesson
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