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'We' offers customized lessons based on your JapaNEEDS. Your student partner will customize your lesson plan after discussing your goals with you to help you succeed outside the classroom.

We student’s JapaNEEDS®!

Below are some goals and reasons of prior students who have studied at ‘We.’ For as many students as we have had, we have listened, prepared and customized just as many individual study plans. We are always here to guide our students with the most effective and efficient study plan based on our core philosophy ‘Student Centered.’ Share your ‘JapaNEEDS’ with us so we can assist you to reach your Japanese goals to help maximize the quality of your life in Japan!





◆Wants to be able to recognize Chinese characters seen on traffic signs and signs around the city. (Executive, USA)

◆Wants to be able to give opinions and express thoughts in Japanese, as though Japanese is their native language. (SE, India)

◆Wants to communicate with Japanese mothers from son’s pre-school. (Homemaker, Germany)

◆ Wants to improve business conversations using formal Japanese. (IT Engineer, China)

◆Wants to read the menu at an ’izakaya’ and wants to be able to ask for the best dish in the store. (Sales director, Canada)

◆Wants to master space terminology, be able to give presentations and answer questions in a seminar. (Space-related, USA)

◆Wants to give a part of an internal presentation in Japanese. (Sales director, Germany)

◆Wants the ability to communicate in Japanese with son-in-laws family and grandchildren. (Tourist, Australia)

◆Wants to start and end a conversation in Japanese with a shop clerk. (Executive, Netherlands)

◆Wants to improve conversations skills during his stay in Japan. (Lawyer, Germany)

◆Has the chance of permanently residing in Japan since spouse is Japanese. (Lawyer, USA)

◆Wants to give instructions about how to cook to Japanese chefs and learn how to cook Japanese food. (Chef, USA)

◆Master vocabulary related to M&A and expand the company’s customer base. (Corporate lawyer, Switzerland)

◆Wants to understand conference details, give opinions and communicate in the parents’ teacher meeting. (Professor, USA)

◆Came to Japan for the first time because of husband’s job. Wants to speak Japanese for networking. (Homemaker, Israel)

◆Wants exchange information about artificial intelligence and the latest technology. (Project manager, Philippines)

◆Wants to give a lecture for sales managers all over Japan in Japanese. (Executive, Belgium)

◆Wants to be able to understand business conferences to an extent without an interpreter. (Sales, Australia)

◆Wants to pass JLPT N2 in 2 years. (Executive, France)

◆Wants to pass an audition, wants to talk with pronunciation indistinguishable from Japanese people. (Model, USA)

◆Wants to have confidence writing business e-mails in Japanese with a Japanese client. (Sales, Brazil)

◆Is job hunting to work for a Japanese company and wants to improve Japanese for an internship. (College student, Spain)

◆Wants to understand Japanese nuance. Has self-studied but still has trouble communicating. (Web designer, Canada)

◆Is thinking of residing in Japan for a while, and wants to acquire practical phrases to enjoy life in Japan. (School manager, UK)

◆Is very cautious about son’s diet, and so wants to be able to understand nutritious contents of food. (Homemaker, Romania)

◆Wants to prepare and practice for a job interview in 2 weeks. (Teacher, France)

◆Wants to be able to tell own analyst’s skills to Japanese clients to expand branch offices in Japan. (IT analyst, India)

◆Having the company’s web marketing service seminar, and so wants to prepare for presentation. (Marketing director, USA)

◆Wants to be able to order online because has no time to go shopping due to work. (Business person, USA)

◆Want to be understand questions from students’ parents, and explain students’ growth. (English teacher, UK)

◆Wants to give a part of a speech in Japanese. (CEO, Netherlands)

◆Wants to volunteer in the 2020 Olympics. (Homemaker, China)

◆Wants to learn Japanese used for talking to customers and on the phone, and wants to pursue business. (Fashion, USA)

◆Wants to able to have a conversation with Japanese friends. (Designer, Germany)

◆Wants to improve Chinese characters. (Professor, Peru)

◆Wants to be able to elicit Japanese clients’ needs. (Sales, Singapore)

◆Wants to talk about hobbies in Japanese with Japanese friends met through same interests. (Homemaker, Canada)

◆Wants to improve Japanese ability for a career change planned in 2 years. (SE, Pakistan)

◆Spouse is Japanese and wants to be able to communicate in Japanese and master it while child is still young. (Consultant, UK)

◆Be able to casually communicate with Japanese boyfriend’s friends. (English teacher, Australia)

◆Wants to give end of the year and New Year greetings to employees and their families in Japanese. (CEO, USA)

◆Studied Japanese in college but has not used it in a long time. Wants to remember and excel. (IT manager, USA)

◆Wants to be able to communicate with son’s kindergarten teacher and understand announcements. (Homemaker, Mexico)

◆Learn vocabulary used in daily life and be able to use them. (Broadcast writer, Germany)

◆Wants to know Japanese ‘omotenashi,’ manners, and proverbs. (Doctor, USA)

◆Be able to understand projects and graphs, and give a presentation about projects in Japanese. (Executive, Australia)

◆Wants to be able to choose vocabulary and phrases that are more natural similar to Japanese speakers. (Engineer, Korea)

◆Be able to sift through appropriate information on current affairs and exchange information. (Diplomat, USA)

◆Be able to understand Japanese “variety” programs. (IT engineer, Canada)

◆Loves Japanese culture, and wants to have a conversation about Japanese culture with Japanese friends. (Tourist, Brazil)

◆English is used at work but wants to build relationships with Japanese staff (Insurance Company, France)

◆Wants to present in Japanese and share ideas to help with strategy and the direction of the company. (Designer, USA)

◆Wants to be able to use casual and formal Japanese distinctively. (Homemaker, USA)




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