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Daily Conversation Course

The opportunity to listen and speak is just as important as understanding meaning, grammar and nuance. You can acquire these effective Japanese conversation skills at 'We.'
[Both In-House and Online Lessons are available]
企業人事研修ご担当者様:Weは、外国人社員 日本語教育にも定評があります。多くの企業・政府機関の日本語研修を実施しております。

Three Months Intensive Course

Dynamics lessons customized for your life
We’s lessons are guided by three P’s.
1) “Presentation” to enable the students to understand clearly
2) “Practice” to acquire and retain knowledge
3) “Production” to make the language become second
nature.Therefore, we employ both a direct method that emphasizes using only the target language in class, but also a
bilingual method using English to help scaffold learning when needed . In particular, we make
the most out of the bilingual method in “Presentation” in order to maximize the students’ understanding in
the limited time period.

The lesson contents are practical. We start from everyday Japanese and focus on the vocabulary you use in real life rather than just explaining grammar. We support you to not only study Japanese, but also connect with people to have a meaningful life in Japan. Our teachers, who are well informed about Japanese culture, will deepen your understanding of a Japanese lifestyle.


Course Overview We set a cap of 8 students per course. 

■ Regular Semesters

Year Semester Duration  Application deadline
2019 ・ Winter Semester
・ Spring Semester
・ Summer Semester
・ Fall Semester
January 7- March 29
April 1- June 28
July 1- September 20
September 30 – December 20
December 17, 2018
March 16, 2019
June 20, 2019
September 1, 2019

※We accept applicants in the middle of the semester with make-up lessons.
※We do not sponsor visas so please arrange a tourist visa, working holiday visa or some other form of sponsorship for yourself.


Tuition Fee

Type Time and Number of Lessons Tuition Fees
● Regular course 2 days / week [85 minutes / Day] From 12 weeks ¥91,200~
● Intensive course 4 days  / week [2.5 hours / Day] 3 months ¥228,000
● Single sessions
and activities
Held occasionally. Varies Accordingly




Regular Beginner Program

We Japanese language course D1

Gateway to life in Japan

This is an introductory course for people who haven’t learned much Japanese as of yet.
This course is focused on setting a strong foundation by being able to read hiragana and katakana and then moving on to simple words that are practical and useful.

■Japanese proficiency level: Beginner to JLPT level 5

[Both In-House and Online Lessons are available]

Class Can Do List Number of Lessons
D – 1 Able to read characters and talk about one’s self and daily life. 12

[In-house /Online]

D – 2 Able to describe simple things, talk about likes and dislikes, and compare two different things. 12

[In-house /Online]

D – 3 Understand how to construct grammar patterns and be able to create sentences using those patterns. 12

[In-house /Online]

D – 4 Understand slightly informal Japanese. Able to express thoughts and provide detailed explanations.
Have good command of sentences using ‘give’ and ‘receive’.

[In-house /Online]


Upper Beginner Program

To express facts about the self

This course prepares you to handle familiar topics related to your life, such as your family, work and experiences.
You can precisely describe facts around you and share your story.

■Japanese proficiency level: JLPT level 5 to level 4

[Both In-House and Online Lesson are available]

Class Can Do List Number of Lessons
D – 5 Understand transitive and intransitive verbs. Able to provide advice. 24

[In-house /Online]

D – 6 Have good command of conditional clauses and become able to express intention and changes. 24

[In-house /Online]

D – 7 Have good command of passive sentences. Able to express opinions and presumptions. 24

[In-house /Online]

D – 8 Able to express respect as well as convert adjectives to adverbs. 24

[In-house /Online]

Intermediate Program

To understand and to be understood 

This course is to learn how to give your opinions logically in order to discuss various topics, such as culture, art, education, and politics.
You can start applying and utilizing new knowledge to many occasions.

■Japanese proficiency level: JLPT level 4 to level 3

[Both In-House and Online Lesson are available]

Class Can Do List Number of Lessons
D – 9 Able to use the appropriate expressions when visiting someone. 24

[In-house /Online]

D – 10 Able to express opinions, use metaphors, and make plans. 24

[In-house /Online]

D – 11 Able to understand Japanese idioms. 24

[In-house /Online]

D – 12 Able to debate using expressions that convey evaluations and judgments. 24

[In-house /Online]

Upper Intermediate Program

Synergistic Communication

At this stage, you will have acquired Japanese as one of your languages, so you will change, grow and open yourself to new possibilities and new senses.
The mutual trust you can build with diverse individuals can facilitate innovative ideas. You have not only become bilingual, but also bicultural to express your new self.

■Japanese proficiency level: JLPT level 3 to level 2

[Both In-House and Online Lesson are available]

Class Can Do List Number of Lessons
D – 13 Able to describe color, shapes and patterns, and use them in conversations involving everyday topics. 24

[In-house /Online]

D – 14 Able to give detailed explanations using onomatopoeias and Japanese proverbs. 24

[In-house /Online]

D – 15 Effectively understand  the language system, including synonyms and antonyms. Able to expand and sustain conversations using a wider range of vocabulary and expressions. 24

[In-house /Online]

D – 16 Able to effectively exchange opinions with others by questioning and supplementing information. 24

[In-house /Online]

Advanced Program

Beyond learning : Sharpen your self

In this course, you will be able to unlock new perspectives.
Now is the time that you widely influence
people in Japanese based on the knowledge you have and also the wisdom that has been upgraded from obtaining a new language.
You have so much to teach and we have so much to learn from you.

■Japanese proficiency level: JLPT level 2 or above

[Both In-House and Online Lesson are available]

Class Can Do List Number of Lessons
D – 17 Able to provide accurate explanations and recount events.
Able to accurately explain complex things and events in an easy-to-understand manner.

[In-house /Online]

D – 18 Able to describe events by clearly explaining the cause and effect relationship and provide background information. 36

[In-house /Online]

D – 19 Able to objectively state opinions while considering the perspectives, feelings and opinions of the other person. 36

[In-house /Online]

D – 20 Able to talk about social issues from multiple perspectives using numerical data as support. 36

[In-house /Online]

Level Breakdown


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