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Corporate Training

We assist companies internationalize by offering a comprehensive corporate training program to suit various needs, including the training of employees from overseas.


Training Concept


‘We’ offers Japanese language training to foreign business people who may work with Japanese employees. The training program aims to consolidate the students’ business skills and foster their understanding of Japanese culture.

In addition, we recognize that, to compete at the international level and increase profit, acquiring additional languages are quickly becoming a key factor. That is why ‘We’ offers a training program in Japanese for businesspersons who want to succeed on the international stage.

In an era of globalization, success of companies is largely determined by how effectively they can internationalize. Companies must also welcome diversity, incorporate different values to stretch the boundaries of the imagination and expand their market by gaining the ability to respond to clients from overseas. ‘We’ corporate training sector is here to help your company succeed internationally.

Training Style

We provide a variety of lesson styles from group lessons, private lessons to seminars. We will suggest the lesson style that it best suited to your company’s needs and the training program’s objectives.


  • pho_programs_CorporateTraining_02

    On-site Lesson

  • pho_programs_CorporateTraining_03

    Off-site Lesson

  • pho_programs_CorporateTraining_04

    Group Lesson

  • pho_programs_CorporateTraining_05

    Private Lesson

  • pho_programs_CorporateTraining_06

    Online Lesson

  • pho_programs_CorporateTraining_07

    Seminar Session

Training Flow

At We Japanese Language School, we design our training programs based on three sequential steps that we call ‘Take Off,’ ‘Flying High’ and ‘Landing Smoothly.’ Like flying an aircraft, we give our utmost attention to the phases of ‘Take Off’ and ‘Landing,’ and carefully adjust the trajectory throughout the flight so our clients can have a smooth experience all the way to their destination, in the shortest time possible.



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