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Business Conversation Course

The secret to improving your business Japanese is to think about what your purpose is for using it. Determining and planning for your goals will give you the biggest return on your investment.
[Both In-House and Online Lesson are available]
企業人事研修ご担当者様:Weは、外国人社員 のためのビジネス日本語専門プログラムも多くご用意しております。企業・政府機関それぞれのニーズにカスタマイズした日本語研修が好評です。

Feature of the Course

Input Effective Business Japanese you can use right after the lesson 
In the We Business Japanese program, the moment you start to learn Japanese, you will be able to gain business Japanese.

The program does not focus on general Japanese but on real business Japanese tailored to your specific field.

With our original WWW method and deliverable, every lesson will build up your skill and produce results.

At the same time, you will deepen your knowledge about the distinct company culture of Japan and build a solid foundation of understanding along with your cross-cultural partner.

Basic Beginner Program

Install your Japanese Language program

In the Basic program, you will first acquire language that can carry out your tasks immediately in your business.

With only the acquisition of the language itself, there will be occasions where the difference in culture hinders communication. We aim to create a smooth relationship by developing compatibility with Japanese and install an operation system based on Japanese culture.

Class Can Do List Number of Lessons
B-1 Can introduce oneself and give greetings in business situations. 6 [In-house /Online]
B-2 Can confirm daily schedule [In-house /Online]
B-3 Can ask / give directions. [In-house /Online]
B-4 Can invite / recommend / suggest [In-house /Online]
B-5 Can make small talks with colleagues [In-house /Online]
B-6 Can make telephone call [In-house /Online]
B-7 Can talk about cause and effect [In-house /Online]
B-8 Can explain a procedure or routine [In-house /Online]

Intermediate business Program

Upgrade your Business Language Skills

In the intermediate program, your business Japanese will be refined by gaining the ability to incorporate idioms and honorific expressions which is vital in formal situations in Japan.

Because we instill not only the form, but the cultural background and the context, your business career in Japan is bound to progress smoothly and effectively.



Class Can Do List Number of Lessons BJT Level
B-9 Can describe intangible points or facts [In-house /Online] J4
B-10 Can conduct business using expressions for making requests and permissions. [In-house /Online] J4
B-11 Can grasp the main points of meetings and give simple opinions. [In-house /Online] J4
B-12 Can exchange basic e-mails. [In-house /Online] J4
B-13 Can recognize problems and give their own opinion. 20 [In-house /Online] J3
B-14 Can understand complex conversation and exchange opinions fluently. 20 [In-house /Online] J3
B-15 Can converse about subjects within their area

of specialty.

20 [In-house /Online] J3
B-16 Can give opinions with conviction based on comparisons and examples. 20 [In-house /Online] J3

Advanced Program

Integrate your business skills

Upon reaching the advanced program, you will have attained variety of language skills, culture and will have unlocked new perspectives.  These new values will allow you to offer new possibilities by being able to determine the most appropriate solution amongst many.

Please take the initiative as a business specialist in the international business situations of Japan.

Class Can Do List Number of Lessons BJT Level
B-17 Can effectively express themselves using collocation and idiomatic expressions. 20

[In-house /Online]

B-18 Can adapt and handle unexpected and difficult situations. 20

[In-house /Online]

B-19 Brush up ability to construct a conversation, and explain more effectively and efficiently. 20

[In-house /Online]

B-20 Can freely discuss in various different types of genre. 20

[In-house /Online]


Level Breakdown

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