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Business Conversation Course

The secret to improving your business Japanese is to think about what your purpose is for using it. Determining and planning for your goals will give you the biggest return on your investment.

Level Breakdown



Aim towards conducting business smoothly in Japanese and acquiring distinct business expressions used for making requests and permissions. At the same time learning about Japan’s corporate culture and polite expressions.

Class Can Do List Number of Lessons BJT Level
B-9 Can introduce oneself and give greetings in business situations.  20 J4
B-10 Can conduct business using expressions for making requests and permissions.  20 J4
B-11 Can grasp the main points of meetings and give simple opinions.  20 J4
B-12 Can exchange basic e-mails.  20 J4

Upper Intermediate


Suitable for learners who can handle basic conversation in a business situation. Can exchange complex information in depth such as giving opinions, debating, and negotiating. Aim towards having a natural conversation with confidence and the proper politeness.

Class Can Do List Number of Lessons BJT Level
B-13 Can recognize problems and give their own opinion.  20 J3
B-14 Can understand complex conversation and exchange opinions fluently.  20 J3
B-15 Can converse about subjects within their area of specialty.  20 J3
B-16 Can give opinions with conviction based on comparisons and examples.  20 J3



Most appropriate for people who can already carry a conversation in Japanese in a business situation.  Can handle topics about their area of specialty but also topic out of their specialty. Aim to communicate their intention concisely, clearly, and convincingly while understanding the subtle differences in nuances.

Class Can Do List Number of Lessons BJT Level
B-17 Can effectively express themselves using collocation and idiomatic expressions.  20 J2
B-18 Can adapt and handle unexpected and difficult situations.  20 J2
B-19 Brush up ability to construct a conversation, and explain more effectively and efficiently.  20 J1
B-20 Can freely discuss in various different types of genre.  20 J1+
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