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We believe our '3+1' course selection offerings and flexibility of lesson location can satisfy anyone's learning needs.

Everyone's goals and needs are different.
'We' offers three major courses (3); Daily Conversation, Business Conversation and Test Preparation, which cover all of your needs. In addition, we have a variety of special sessions (+1) which can be taken not only at the school but also can be customized to be taken in your office or online.

Daily Conversation Course


The ‘Daily Conversation Course’ at ‘We’ is divided in levels, which can cater for each student’s unique needs and levels of Japanese. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, our counselors will work with you to help you decide which class is right for you. Our instructors are the best in the industry, and the lessons are conducted using the ‘WWW Method,’ developed by ‘We,’ to ensure that you can feel your progress after every lesson.

Business Conversation Course


Succeed on the international stage with our business Japanese classes, which offer useful Japanese expressions and skills that can be used in a range of business situations such as meetings, networking events and presentations. In addition, you can also acquire practical skills such as email writing, negotiation skills and business etiquette. The classes focus on ‘real-life’ Japanese and utilize the ‘WWW Method’ to guarantee the delivery of success. We also offer employee language training to a number of corporations.

Test Preparation Course


We offer test preparation courses for a wide range of tests, including the JLPT, the BJT, kanji tests and university entry exams. Qualification tests are not only a step on the path to further your career but are also a way of checking your progress, sustaining your motivation and effectively improving your Japanese. Test Preparation partnerd the ‘WWW Method’ allows you to vidualize your progress and success after every lessons.

Special Course


Other than what you have learned in the three major courses conducted using the ‘WWW Method,’ we also offer a ‘Special Course’ to boost your progress and stimulate your learning process. This course brings an extra customization to all of our students with a diverse range of courses to serve you and your unique needs and objectives. At ‘We,’ study options are as varied as our students. By utilizing our customized learning plan, we can maximize your Japanese learning.

Online Course


In the ‘We’ Online course, all type of the courses (Daily Conversation, Business Conversation and Test Preparation) are catered to you online. Even though you have a busy schedule, please don’t worry your student partner will arrange your lesson contents and schedule with your teachers in the most productive way. Moreover, we assess your learning progress and have online study counseling during the course. You can make the most out of your free time for your consistent progress.

Corporate Training


‘We’ helps companies expand their horizons in Japan from multiple angles by offering a customized and comprehensive corporate training program that suits each company’s various needs. We can train employees in Japan or overseas through online lessons. We offer not only language training to help employees communicate in Japan but also offer cultural insights to help students achieve the highest quality of life while living in Japan.for more information

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