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Company Profile

We are the language solution company.

Corporate Philosophy

■Central Philosophy


 “Our Know-How is to Know Who”



Our mission is to expand the global language and enhance local languages. By teaching English and Japanese we cultivate students into globally conscious people, giving them tools to be able to immerse themselves in other cultures, gain perspectives, and perhaps most importantly, communicate with other humans. The importance of communication is what our company was founded upon which is why our know-how is to know who.



We Japan focusses on making global citizens through language education. Our philosophy is founded upon student-centered learning. We strive to create innovative methods that most effectively allows students to become proficient in the language they choose to pursue. Our student-partners meet with every single student before they enroll to create a custom lesson plan to best fit their needs.


■Core Values

– Be Odd
– Be Real
– Be Open-minded
– Be Sincere
– Be Adventurous
– Be Innovative
– Be Resourceful
– Be Kind
– Be Humble
– Be Happy


Company Profile

Company Name: We Incorporated

[ 株式会社ウィー]

Location: 4F, HigashiNihon Bldg., 1-22-8 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0041, Japan

TEL: +81.3.5489.6330 FAX +81.3.5489.5677

CEO: Koji Taruishi / 樽石幸治

Date Established: April 1996

Business Outline: Language Solution Services

[Land Division]

    • ■ Language School Operations  [for Japanese / English / Chinese language)
      • ■ Translation and Language Design Service
      • ■ Development of language educational materials, APP/software


  • [Sea Division]
    • ■ Corporate Language Training
      • ■ Consultation and support for international and intercultural projects


      • [Air Division]
          • ■ Distance learning (Online language lessons; Japanese, English, Chinese)
          • ■ Corporate Language Training



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