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Kids & Young Adults

We boost their confidence in communication and enlighten them to grasp the idea of learning Japanese and their identity while living with their family in Japan.

Client’s Stories

Ms. Nalanda Pant Joshi (Republic of India)

Q. What is your aim to learn Japanese?
A. As a fashion student back in my country I had always admired Tokyo for its unusual and interesting fashion trends which triggered my interest to complete my further studies from Japan. My main reason to study Japanese is to make a place in the university and be able to make a meaningful career in Japan, for this Japanese language is the first milestone to be achieved.

Q.  Which aspect drove you choose ‘We?’
A. ‘We’ provides its students the appropriate guidance through time to time counselling. ‘We’ has build my confidence of speaking Japanese not only inside but outside school. Constant support and hard work  by the staff members is a unique feature of ‘We.’

Q. How do you learn Japanese at (with) ‘We?’
A. At ‘We’ I am given periodic mini test which judges my Japanese level and accordingly my study plan is made, also I am being made to take listening test which helps a lot.

Q. How do you make use of Japanese that you have learned with us?
A. Being able to communicate in Japanese has made my life easier. I am able to convey my ideas to people, make reservations on phone, make conversations at the time of shopping.

Q. What advice would you give to people planning to start learning Japanese?
A. My advice would be to put more emphasis on listening in terms of conversations made by the Japanese people, announcements made in the train and of course  watching short Japanese serials with English subtitles, doing so will make you familiar with the words and when you study them it becomes easier to grasp. Lastly try to use Japanese whenever you get opportunity.


Ms. Lin Yi-yan & Mr. Lee Ming-Wei (Taiwan)

Q. What is your aim to learn Japanese?
A. Our aim is to enable Grace and Stanley to communicate in Japanese with confidence.

Q. Which aspect drove you choose ‘We?’
A. The fact that We has classes aimed for kids drove us to choose this school.

Q. How do you learn Japanese at (with) ‘We?’
A. Stanley learned Japanese in a two hours one-on-one class. Grace learned it in a two and a half hour intensive group class. Both of their Japanese improved rapidly through interaction with We Japanese teachers and staff.

Q. How do you make use of Japanese that you have learned with us?
A. They stayed in Tokyo for a month during summer and was able to effectively use the Japanese they learned in day to day situations immediately.

Q.  Please give your message to who plans to start learning Japanese!
A. Japanese isn’t the easiest language, but it isn’t the hardest either. Hold onto your faith in language skills and you’d definitely success!

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