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In the heart of one of the most metropolitan parts of Tokyo, we facilitate opportunities for diverse and valuable encounters.

We teach JapaNEEDS.
With a client base of dynamic and business minded people, our flexible system resonates with their busy life style allowing us to work with them to customize their lessons and pace around their other responsibilities. JapaNEEDS will give you an opportunity to make your life easier and give you a new perspective.

Business People


From the CEO to the new recruit, we have wide variety of clients from numerous industries. ‘We’ is open everyday except national holidays allowing the flexibility needed for our clients busy schedules. We strive to give our clients the necessary Japanese to succeed in their Japanese work place.




Many of our clients have traveled to Japan with their families. As working opportunities are limited on a dependent visa, many partners of relocated business people come to ‘We’ utilizing our flexible scheduling system to maximize their opportunities in their daily life.

Kids & Young Adults


‘We’ not only offers learning opportunities to adults but also to children and young adults. Utilizing our flexible system to work around their other educational responsibilities they acquire the skills needed to live and learn in Japan through our customized tutoring system.


Corporate Clients


At We Japanese Language School, all training plans are unique. We consider the client’s requests, field of business and corporate vision, and based on our experience, design high-quality, customized plans that suit the needs of each of our clients.

Additional Information


The students at ‘We’ are from all around the world. Although the numbers change every year, students that come from the United States and Canada make up a large portion of the students. We also have students from European nations such as France, United Kingdom and Germany, students from Asia-Pacific countries such as Australia, and students from a number of Asian countries. ‘We’ responds to the needs of students from diverse backgrounds, supports their acculturation through Japanese education and strives to contribute to a multicultural society.


Student’s Occupation

Students at ‘We’ have a wide range of occupations, and many take time out of their busy work schedule to learn Japanese. With the flexible study system at ‘We,’ students are able to shape their study around their busy schedules and continue their study at their own pace. Our well-planned curriculum guarantees achievement of you goal, no matter how busy you are. For students who have finished the intermediate level classes, the Business Course offers the opportunity to learn real-life Japanese that can be used in the work place.




Business Person 34%
Embassy Staff 20%
Homemaker 18%
Engineer 12%
Teacher 8%
Student 3%
Other 5%
(Doctor, Lawyer, Working Holiday Maker, Children)


Student’s Language Level

‘We’ caters for students of diverse language levels, from beginners to advanced. With recent trends in Japanese language education, there is an increasing number of students who are intermediate level and above. The number of advanced-level students is increasing too, and many of them opt to study business Japanese so they can learn advanced Japanese that can be applied to their work situations.


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