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【Innovative Course】Super Japanese Mastery Course

The Gateway to Japanese Language & Real Life in Japan!

Completely different from conventional methods!

The Quickest Way to Become a Japanese Speaker and Japan savvy!


Super Japanese Mastery Course 

Start from September 10th

【Schedule】Tuesday and Thursday
【Time】  10:30-11:55 (85 minutes per lesson)
【Lesson Points】 2 points per lesson


           【Features of the course
             1.  You learn vocabulary first that is essential to your life in Japan
             2.  You can learn cultural tips and language for everyday situations
             3.  You can memorize and expand vocabulary easily and quickly using our original method
             4.  No stress of learning new letters (Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji) 


【Contents of the course】

Super Japanese 1-a   [Survival Vocabulary]

Unit 1: How to memorize words (Go, Buy and Eat)
Unit 2: Numbers and Money
Unit 3: Calendar _ dates, days, time expression
Unit 4: Appearance _ colors, shape, measurements
Unit 5: Action words_ useful interaction with others
Unit 6: People _ introducing oneself (nationality, job, hobbies, etc.)

Super Japanese 1-b  [Stress-Free Daily Conversation]
Unit 7: Giving directions
Unit 8: Shopping and Eating out
Unit 9: Life in Japan (renting a room, taking out garbage, supermarket)
Unit 10: Business in Japan (looking for job, business manners)
Unit 11: Time out (holiday, sports and entertainment in Japan)
Unit 12: People _ introducing oneself (nationality, job, hobbies, etc.)

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