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Japanese School Uniforms Enter the Realm of Pop Culture 日本(にほん)の制服(せいふく)がポップカルチャーに


At most junior and senior high schools in Japan, students are required to wear a school uniform. It is said that the custom of wearing uniform to school began in the latter half of the 19th century when uniforms based on military attire became the norm.In general, they comprised of a white shirt combined with other items in black or navy blue.Since they were formal attire, they could be worn at funerals.





Long skirts were in fashion in the 1980s, while miniskirts were in style in the 1990s.Uniforms in various different designs were created in the 2000s. Some are designed by famous designers. In 2018, the news that a state school in Tokyo had adopted a uniform designed by the luxury Italian brand Armani, caused quite a stir.





In the past, hating their uniforms for being uncool, students tried to give them their own personal touch or avoided wearing them altogether.However, because they now have attractive designs, students have started to choose schools because they like the uniforms.

Now uniforms have entered the realm of Japanese pop culture and are attracting attention.




From Hiragana Times June issue.

For more information: https://hiraganatimes.com/



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