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As long as There’s a Convenience Store, It’s possible to get by


[1] 日本にはコンビニが5万店以上あり、日常生活に必要なものが何でもそろっています

Nihonniwa konbiniga 5mantenijouari, nichijuo seikatsuni hitsuyouna monoga nandemo sorotteimasu. 

Japan has over 50,000 convenience stores adn in them is just about anything you’ll need to get by on a day to day basis.

[2] 食べ物や飲み物、文房具、雑誌など、生活関連用品が売られています

Tabemonoya nomimono, bunbougu, zasshinado, seikatsukanrenyouhinga urareteimasu.

All the basics are sold here, including food, drinks, stationery, and magazines.

[3]  さらに、ATM、コピー機、宅配便やクリーニングの受付など様々なサービスがあります

“Sarani ATM, kopi-ki, takuhaibinya, kuri-ningu no uketsukenado samazamana sa-bisu ga arimasu.

In addition to this, various services are on offer including cash withdrawal, photocopying, taking care of home delivery, and cleaning.

[4]  夜遅くまで灯がともるコンビニは、治安を守る役割も果たしています

Yoruosokumade higa tomoru konbiniwa, chianwo mamoru yakuwarimo hatashiteimasu.

Lit up even in the dead of night, convenience stores play a partn in maintaining public order.

[5]  また、トイレを利用するために、入る人も少なくありません

Mata, toirewo riyousurutameni, hairuhitomo sukunakuarimasen.

In addition, many people also go inside simply to use their toilet facilities.




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