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Vague Terms for Ages


[1] You only add “sai” after a number when you tell someone your age, but in the case of 20 years old, it is more common to say “hatachi” rather than “nijussai”.


[2] Asking an adult their age is seen as being rude, especially if you’re speaking to a woman.


[3] Many people are hesitant to honestly say their age.


[4] This is probably the reason that the vague terms “arasa-” (around thirty) and “arafo-” (around forty)have caught on.

そのせいか30歳(さんじゅっさい)前後(ぜんご)を「アラサー(あらさー)」(around thirty)、また40歳 (よんじゅっさい)前後(ぜんご)を「アラフォー(あらふぉー)」(around forty)というあいまいな言葉(ことば)が広(ひろ)がりました。

[5]On the other hand, for old people, words such as “nennpaisha” (elderly person) and “shinia”(senior) are more often used to lessen the impression that they are past it.


by Hir@gana Times 3月号

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