We are not teaching Japanese - we teach "JapaNEEDS"!!

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The Quickest Way to Become a Japanese Speaker!!

Want to start without the stress of Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji!?

Hugely popular class designed for all "Alphabet Users".

Glomaji (Global Romaji) is an Alphabetic version of Japanese characters which can be used to promote communication in Japanese around the world.
Also when inputting Japanese into a PC with the alphabet, it will produce the correct hiragana and katakana characters, and you can try to find the correct kanji.

■ Use our “Glomaji Japanese Method”
■ Learn cultural tips and language for everyday situations
■ No stress of learning new letters (Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji)
As our guiding principle is "Student Centered", we must provide innovative programs created from the students' point of view.

"Glomaji Japanese Course" is designed for all "Alphabet Users". We have made the Japanese language closer to your side so that you can utilize your mother language to learn Japanese!

Course Details

◆10 “Aha! Experiences” with10 Episodes

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◆Course syllabus

By the end of this course, you will be able to handle various situations including :

- shopping, asking for directions, dealing, dining out and more.
- making small talk.


We also believe that understanding of culture and customs enhance the language skill. You will also learn about common Japanese gestures and important table manners, etiquette in public space to help you avoid any faux pas.

◆Number of lessons
● 10 lessons
You can join at any time!

◆Registration Fee
● No registration fee required for this course

◆Lesson Fee
● Tuition fee:¥55,000 (including handout materials)
Kyou kara nihongo hajime masyou! "Zen wa/ha isoge!"
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