Business Conversation Course

The secret to efficiently improving your business Japanese is to determine which situations you want to use it in, and for what purposes you want to use it for. We support students by helping them set their goals and by customizing the study plan for each student, so they can get the largest return from their investment.

Descriptions of the Class

Business‘We’ Business Japanese Course is available to students who have finished the beginner or intermediate level courses. There are four different levels of classes. They cover a wide range of skills ranging from basic communication skills that can be used in business situations to more advanced skills such as responding to others and expressing your opinions in a logical manner.

To improve your ability to use Japanese in actual business situations, the course offers opportunities to interact with Japanese businesspersons, to engage in discussions with Japanese speakers and to give presentations on pre-determined topics.
※ BJT preparation is available in the Test Preparation Course.
※ Business Japanese for beginners are available through private lessons.
ClassObjectivesNumber of LessonsBJT Level
BC1-4Students gain the ability to use expressions that can be used in typical business situations. Students also acquire the ability to use appropriate expressions according to the person they are conversing with.40J3(score: 320-420)
BD1-4Students gain the ability to exchange business emails with confidence and to understand basic conversations used in typical business meetings. 40J2(score: 420-530)
BE1-2Students become able to communicate effectively on the phone and at meetings.40J1(score: 530-600)
BE3-4Students gain the ability to flexibly respond to any business conversations and situations. Students are able to conduct business all in Japanese.40J1+(score: 600-800)

Characteristics of the Class

Business Conversation Course◆Instructors
To teach business Japanese, we believe that it is important for the instructors to have extensive knowledge of the business scene. Even if an instructor is a professional language teacher, the lesson becomes less convincing if the instructor does not have business experience. That is why we select only the most experienced Japanese language teachers who are experts in the field of business.

◆WWW method
Succeed on the international stage with our Business Japanese classes. In addition to gaining a sound command of Japanese business expressions, students can acquire a wide range of skills including email writing, negotiations skills, business etiquette which can be used in situations including conferences, business lunches/dinners, and presentations. We focus on real-life business Japanese and utlize the WWW Method to guarantee results. We also offer language training to a number of corporations.

◆Only at ‘We’+α。
My japanese(discussion class)
「‘My Japanese’ is a unique class that combines students from ‘We’ English school and ‘We’ Japanese school. By conversing with native speakers, you will be able to improve your ability to exchange information in Japanese and discuss a wide range of topics.
Guest Speakers
We invite Japanese businesspersons as guest speakers to have them share their experiences and talk about a wide range of topics related to the actual business world.
Students begin by presenting to the class on topics related to their work and move on to acquire specific presentation skills. At the end of the course, students will present to a Japanese audience.
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